Do You Know These?

Do You Know These?

  • Implementation of Smart Signs classification system is obligatory for TV channels in order to prevent minors against the possible harmful effects of broadcasts.
  • The Symbols of programs are determined by coders, who are the employees of broadcasting organizations’. Coders watch the program at first and then reach a questionnaire by the help of a coding name and a password given them by RTÜK. According to the answers given, the symbols of the program are automatically determined by the system. This process is called coding.
  • Classification is done by using the age and the content symbol groups together. More than one content pictogram can be used along an appropriate age pictogram.
  • All program content on children channels may not be suitable for children of all age groups, please watch carefully.
  • Programs coded “All” and “7+” can be broadcast at any time of the day, “13+” can be broadcast after 9:30pm and “18+” can only be broadcast between 12:00am-05:00am.
  • “13+” and “18+” pictograms shall be constant at the edge of the screen throughout the program.
  • If a program gets 13+ or 18+, these symbols should also be specified on the promotions of the programs.
  • Not every program is subject to classification system. Live programs (unless they include VTRs having 13+ or 18+ scenes), news bulletins, advertising spots, sports matches and religious ceremonies are not coded.